Monday, 27 September 2010

Freedom Friday

So, my last blog was written ermmm Thursday, yeah?

Plusieurs developments since then. I have 1) internet (you may have noticed by the uploading of my blogs) and 2) a key to escape the confines of this school.

So firstly, I escaped and went to Carrefour, where I got myself disgusting amounts of camembert, some meat (I'm so going vegeratian while I'm here, it all looks disgusting, They sell ducks with the legs and wings still attached and the heart hanging out - talk about adding insult to injury to the poor dead ducky!) and a few other bits and pieces, the details of which I shall not bore you with.

Proud of my achievement of going and buying a disgusting amount of vegetables from the supermarket and not squashing them all in my bag, I treated myself to ravioli with lots and lots of vegetables for my lunch. Scoffed the lot and sat back, feeling immense satisfaction, when there was a knock on my door.

It was one of the staff from the school, coming to collect me for the cous cous and wine lunch they had organised to welcome the new member of staff (that's me, by the way). Ah.

Not wanting to feel rude, I grabbed my door key and trotted off to what I assume is the staff room, where I was greeted by a very large group of teachers, who couldn't wait to sit me down and stuff my face. Now, I'm not going to lie, this lunch was gorgeous. Made by a teacher's mum, who is Moroccan, and it was full of vegetables, had chicken in it, and it was just really really good. But I'm so full up! So I'm eating nice and slowly, trying to find pockets of stomach that don't yet have food overload, whilst a member of staff on glass on wine #5 (at lunchtime), tells the English teacher next to me that he thinks I don't like it.

"Ahh non, c'est excellent!"

as I continue to torture myself with a carbohydrate overdose.

That afternoon, the technician came to my flat to sort my internet out. There were many problems, I have no idea what they were, but they're fixed now, and I'm online. So I spent the rest of friday on Facebook.

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