Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Less than 1 week to go :)

Hi everyone.

Fancied doing a blog, you see I am off to France on 20th September for 8 months, and thought "what better way to recount my experience than to bore the internet?"

So here I am.

Current situation: Yesterday I recieved a letter from the English teacher at one of my schools, who very kindly pointed out with that condescending red-pen that all teachers use to point out your idiocy, that I had given her the wrong e-mail address.

Well done Sam. Good start.

On the other hand, the school is providing accomodation for me, which is nice because at least I have somewhere to live and don't have to become a troll under a bridge, and I hopefully won't have to get up too early to make it into work on time. Mind you, living in a school sounds a bit gay. Especially when you're a teacher. All that stereotype!

For the next week, it's going to be paperwork paperwork paperwork until I am ready to leave on Monday afternoon, I haven't even thought about packing yet, in fact I don't even have a suitcase. I need to buy a phone. I need a computer that works properly. I need a camera. Do I need a camera? Probably. Best get one anyway.

I could probably do with being able to speak an adequate standard of French too, to be honest.

Oh well.

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