Friday, 24 September 2010

Sam arrives in Paris, noticably tired (Monday 20th September)

I am watching Family Fortunes. In French. There is a dog, and a woman sat there brushing her teeth. I’m not too sure what is going on here.

Cute dog though.

Arrived in Paris at about 18:45 local time after a half hour delay with the train. Comfy thing, that Eurostar. I’d love for you all to know that my first words uttered in France were “nah mate” when I was offered a ride of someone’s motorbike. You can take the London out of the girl, but... 

Found my hotel with relative ease, but my room is on the millionth floor, my suitcases are heavy and the lift looks less than appealing. Same goes for the view from my window.

I am awesome, though, I did a whole conversation, with a French person, in France. And my accent was fan-bloody tastic.

Genuinely thinking that dinner is going to be a McDo job tonight, I cannot be bothered to go exploring yet and I don’t want to go too far for food. I can explore another day.

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