Friday, 22 October 2010

All French Keyboards Must Die

Yesterday was interesting.

I turned up at school late after all of the clocks in my flat reset themselves and my alarm switched itself off. Luckily I was only slightly late, and wasn't beaten with a stick for this.

After spending an hour making children tell me when their birthday is, I went to the staff room to prepare the biography material I had been asked to. I went to my lesson where there wasn't actually anything that needed doing, so I sat in the staff room some more until my final class.

I came up with this fantastic idea of playing a game with them, where I tell them to get a certain piece of equipment out of their bag and put it in the air - the first one to get the right object gets a point. It went down really well. Year 7 are so easily amused.

During the commotion, I was writing something down on the board when one child decided to punch another, giving him a nosebleed. He thinks I don't know that he started it, but I understand French a lot better than he thinks, and I heard all of his discussion afterwards about how the other kid wasn't expecting it. Little git.

After work, I went to villabé to buy YET ANOTHER internet key, on SFR. This worked, and I was able to get online for a few hours to get my previous blog online, annoy people on facebook, etc. However, it doesn't seem to want to tell me my login details to top up. Trip to the SFR shop this afternoon then?

Friday, today is Friday. I have done two lessons and I have about 90 more minutes until English Club (don't know who is coming though, if anyone at all). I was on my way into the staff room when I was stopped by someone who works here, who told me that a lot of children were waiting for me on Wednesday morning.

That will be why there was someone banging on my door, then.

Funnily enough, I'm more likely to turn up to the classes that you actually tell me about.

I'm a bit gutted as this now means that I don't get Wednesday off, but I guess I'll just have to make a deal of going straight out after the class I'm meant to be doing. It also means no more Tuesday night drunkenness, which is a shame.

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