Saturday, 16 October 2010

Friday Afternoon and the Spiders Declare War.

This afternoon didn’t quite go to plan.

I beat my record of one student at English Club, ça veut dire que I had 0 students at English Club today. Instead, I spent 15 minutes chatting to some students in the playground. Oh well, I’m still getting paid, so there.

Before my meeting I decided to give my flat a bit of a clean, I picked up some PJ bottoms from the bathroom floor to discover a baby version of my big spiders chilling on my bathroom mat. I thought I’d leave him alone and get on with cleaning the bath, so I squirted on the Cif and left it to work its magic. I cleaned the rest of the bathroom (including my mirror which now has so many smear marks it looks worse than before and I shall have to attempt again tomorrow) before going back to the bath to rinse it out. I turned on the shower and a bit of hot water came over the side and hit my chillin spider. Poor guy. Anyway, he didn’t take too kindly to this, and he ran at me. I jumped over him. He ran at me again. I jumped over him again. Why was this spider trying to attack me? I could easily kill it! He changed his mind after the third time and ran onto the trousers that he had been hiding under before, before doing a massive poo on them. I must say, I’ve never seen a spider do a poo before. I was somewhat amused, but I reckon I’ll be throwing those trousers away now. Poo trousers.

I went for my meeting at 3, it lasted a grand total of two minutes. Then I went out to La Poste to collect the letter I have been waiting for, which contains my carte bleue (my bank card). I waited for ages, then the woman comes back and tells me that she’s looked all through yesterday’s post and it’s not there. I should go to the post office that is nearer to my flat. It’s probably there. 

Don’t worry, it’s only my bank card. Not important or anything, it doesn’t matter where you guys put my mail because I don’t need it that badly. 

Planning on going out exploring my town (which really isn’t that impressive, everything looks the same – I really am in French Dagenham) before finding my way to Corbeil-Essonnes station to get the train back to Villabé to find the post office where my letter “should” be, I started walking in any direction I could find, spotting a dog with back wheels instead of legs along my way. Aww.

It’s not like London here, you can’t walk around in any direction you like and still be able to find where you’re going. I got so lost. I was looking for photo opportunities in the town, however there aren’t many. It’s not particularly ugly or anything, it’s just a bit, well, crap. So by the time I found my way back to an area of town that I do know, the post office was shut anyway. I went to the Orange shop in the centre commercial to try and buy a new key, where I was promptly ignored by every member of staff. This made me even more annoyed, so I decided that I was going to buy my phone credit and I was going home.

So out of all the things I wanted to do today; get bank card, buy washing powder/3G key/shampoo/stamps/phone credit/wine, take photos of my town, I managed to dedicate an entire afternoon to buying my phone credit. Still, at least I can call you all now.

I got home and slept for a while, it was probably best for me otherwise I’d have ended up crying through stress and fatigue. I have popped some Nytol because I am hardcore and hope to be in bed in an hour or so (it’s 11.20 at the minute). Tomorrow I plan to go shopping, then maybe into Paris. I will get my washing powder and my 3G key, believe you me. I will. No amount of La Poste incompetence will stop me from fulfilling my daily tasks! Except for today.

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