Thursday, 21 October 2010

Orange try to solve this incident and asks you to excuse it. Thank you for your fidelity.

It’s Thursday night. Once again, no internet.

Orange FR is crap. Proper crap. More on that story later.

I left you with my homesick whining on what I believe was Sunday. I don’t know, I can’t get online to check. But I’m starting with Monday anyway.

I woke up for work on Monday, bright and early (for my 11.30 start) and began getting dressed. However, the shirt that I had lovingly hand-washed two days previously STILL WASN’T DRY. After a short panic, I decided that I would just throw on a t shirt and my new hoody from my unsuccessful shopping trip at the weekend, and hope that I didn’t get told off for dressing too much like the students. Nobody said anything, so I assume that it’s okay to dress like this in both schools, rather than just the one. Result.

Took two small groups (5 kids each) for 25 minutes discussing colours, animals, and birthdays. Mostly making them guess things about me. You see, it makes them use their imagination, and their vocabulary, and encourages them to get into the habit of formulating questions. Good all round exercise, in all honesty. Impressive thinking on the feet there, Sam. Well done. Bonus points.

I was so proud of myself that I did the exact same thing during English club, which has been moved into a classroom after the “owner” of the room I was initially placed in moaned that she couldn’t eat her lunch in there whilst I was educating children. You know, because I do work in a canteen, and not a school. Naturally.

There was a grand total of 4 children at English Club. The kid from last week, little geek, had copied up neat all the notes I had given him, and gone and done the “homework” I set him too. LOL. I was a little languages freak at school, but you’d catch me rubbing my nipples with a cheese grater before you’d catch me doing homework set at an optional language club.

They’re really not particularly confident creatures, these four 5èmes. One of them, who I suspect has a learning difficulty of some variety, was actually in tears at one point. Not knowing how to do the consolation thing in French, I left her to it for a minute before explaining to the group that I’m really not here to judge anyone who can’t understand me. She cheered up a bit after that, and told me that she’s got a dog at home and her favourite colour is purple. Awwww.

At 2pm English Club finished, so I went home and fed myself before heading back out to Villabé to run a few errands. I went to the post office to find out if this particular branch had my letter, and lo and behold – it was there, waiting patiently for me.

But you know what?

It wasn’t even my card. It was just a letter that said “ooh, you opened an account with us, cheers mate!” so I’m not sure if I’m meant to take this letter to the bank to collect my bank card, or what. Oh well, I’ll ask Awesome Cika when I see her.

I went into the centre commercial and found – wait for it – LIDL! I was so happy. I treated myself to some cheap blood orange drink, a family sized lasagne (the entirety of which I consumed over the course of Monday evening because I am a fat pig and also Lidl lasagne is really tasty) and some tortelloni – and I amused myself by understanding the German packaging and taking a few seconds to realise that Kase isn’t fromage. Evidently my German language skills are still floating around somewhere.

I took myself into Carrefour where I bought some stuff. I can’t actually remember what. Wraps, vegetables, and mustard or something. I got home to find out that my internet credit had run out.

It won’t let me top it up. At all. I think, that the Orange website itself is on strike, along with the rest of the country. I think websites have feelings too, and don’t want to work to the age of 62 either? I don’t know. Oh well, no internet for me.

The rest of Monday is boring so I will just skip to Tuesday now.

I went into work, I had the same year 10 class that instantly outed me two weeks ago, and I had to somehow get them to tell me what makes a good class delegate. A few of them were really into it. A few of them sat there chatting. The rest just looked at me pitifully. Oh, and two boys nearly got into a punch up over a chair. Excitement! Then I realised that I was actually supposed to be stopping them.

After that class, I went into the staff room and got myself comfy in front of a computer for my 2 and a half hour break until my next class, when a teacher walks over and tells me I can go home – she’s running late on her classes, my other teacher is absent, so I’ve actually got nothing else to do today. Result.

I went home via Leader Price to buy wine and sweets, and decided to have a short nap before getting drunk.
I woke up at 7pm. My short nap lasted 5 hours. Whoops. I chatted away to Georgie on the phone whilst I drank a whole bottle of wine, and cut my finger with the knife bit on my corkscrew when I was trying to open the second whilst still on the phone. Needless to say, I finished Tuesday feeling pretty drunk indeed, and took myself to bed.

I woke up to the sound of a train zooming past the flat. So they never come when I want them, but go right past me and wake me up when I don’t want them. Bastard trains. I stayed in bed (as I actually couldn’t move – my back muscles have decided to be idiots again) and got a few more hours sleep. Next thing I know someone was ringing my door bell.

I jumped out of bed to go and answer it, in extreme agony because of my idiot back, and was halfway out of my bedroom before realising that I was naked. Whoever was at the door did not deserve to see that. By the time I covered myself up, whoever was at the door had gone, and I haven’t seen them since. Or heard any more door knockings. It can’t, therefore, have been that important.

I slowly got myself dressed before dragging myself out to Evry to buy teaching aids and a new internet key. On the way to the station I discovered the French version of the White Van Man. Infinitely more polite than the original English version, they beeped the horn and blew kisses at me.


Whilst waiting for my train I discovered the coolest thing in the world.

French postmen ride vespas.

I want to be a French Postman!

Anyway, I wandered around the shopping centre at Courcouronnes for the majority of the afternoon (mainly because I was lost) but I got what I needed to buy. The new internet key doesn’t work, because the Orange payment site is down.

Therefore, I haven’t been able to prepare the lessons I was asked to prepare. I managed to create an activity concerning English celebrations, but the Biography thing will have to be done tomorrow in my break between lessons. Gotta love Sam, ever the last minute worker.

I’m going to bed soon, or I will be late for work. I need to allow myself an extra ten minutes to get out of bed because of my stupid back. Once again, I have no idea when I will get this blog online, as I am internet-less. Rubbish.

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