Friday, 19 November 2010

Quick update - too stressed for a witty title, or a funny blog!

Le Stress.

As you will have expected, after heading out to the police station last Satrday to report the loss of my passport, I went out in Paris and got very drunk. Very drunk indeed. Saturday night won't be in a chronological order as I don't remember what happened in what order, but still.

Had a few predrinks on my own whilst waiting for Louise and Drew, by the time they both got anywhere near me there was no time for in-flat drinks as the last train was coming to Villabe. So we predrank on the train instead.

We were sat by the window in one bar when a middle aged woman appeared on the other side, waving a joint around and dancing like Rumpelstiltskin.She later came back into the bar and started waving a lump of hash in my face, asking if I wanted it. Erm, no thanks love, it looks like cat food. I'll stick to this 5€, 330ml can of Heineken, cheers though.

In the next bar, Drew was removed for being absolutely shitfaced so I went out to find him, by the time he had reappeared from around the corner he was completely recovered, so we went elsewhere.

Elsewhere, we were drinking when Drew decided he wanted to go home. He waited outside whilst I said goodbye to Louise, I got out and he'd decided he wanted to go back in. We stayed there until closing time.

It took us hours to get home from Paris, as we waited outside for half an hour waiting for the metro to start, got to the RER platform we needed and waited for over an hour there to get moving, then it was roughly an hours commute, then I had to walk home from Corbeil Station. The sky was beautiful. Multicoloured, I don't even understand how or why. But I took ages getting back as I kept stopping to stare at it.

Sunday, I stayed at home, hanging by my teeth. Not much to report, that I can remember.

Monday it was back to work, where I was complimented on my teaching skills (get in!!) and asked to do some extra work helping out a particularly insolent underachieving african girl (headteacher's emphasis on african, not mine) which I decided to take up, loving a challenge and whatnot. I needed to go to the Embassy to ask for a new passport. What happened?

By the time I got to Paris, the embassy was already closed. I thought "oh well, I might as well find it so I know where to go when I come back Wednesday (when I have the afternoon off). What happened?

I got lost. I took a wrong turning out of Concorde Metro and after walking the entire perimeter of the jardins des tuileries or whatever you want to call them, I eventually found myself at the National Assembly. Which is not where I wanted to be. I got back on the Metro there though, and went to Madeleine instead, wondering if the place would be easier to find from a different angle.What happened?

I took another wrong turning. It was very cold, and raining ice cold rain on my face. I had been in Paris for two hours, walking the length of Rue d'Anjou and back again before finally finding the building I needed.
 It was very dark, very cold and very wet. I decided to head home. What happened?

I got lost again. I was very hungry by this point, as I had forgotten to feed myself all day. I paid THREE EUROS for a bottle of coke to keep me going til I found the train station, where I bought some crisps. On my way home (as in, once I was finally on the train) I was sat there, using everything in my power to not cry. It was tough, but I managed it. I got home, fed myself, and sat down to relax a bit before bed.

I couldn't sleep.

Tuesday I had a fairly long day at work, so after my first lesson I spent a while in the staff room planning one of my uni essays and creating a document I'd been asked to prepare for one of the teachers in the school. In the afternoon I took a class and talked about nationality with them. It went alright actually, and then I went to Courcouronnes for a bitch fest with Louise and Drew, I didn't buy anything, but it was nice to just speak to pople and slag the world off for a bit. I went home and went to bed.

I couldn't sleep.

Wednesday I had one hour of classes with the 5èmes which went much better than last week - I woke up really late, was really tired and had no lesson plan so I made them work on presenting themselves more confidently (which basically meant I snoozed in the corner whilst they recited their sentences to their partner repeatedly. After this I went to Corbeil for photos for my emergency passport, then into Paris to find the Embassy. I didn't get so lost this time but I arrived slightly early, so I went to the Franprix round the corner to grab a bit of lunch and do some people watching for half an hour before going back into the Consulate (as I later found out it was - not the Embassy) and began waiting to ask for my forms to fill in my details. The security check was pretty intense, I amost enjoyed it. I went downstairs into the Passport Services bit and filled in my details for my new passport, where I was informed by a very nice man that I would be able to collect my new passport within a week, all that was left to do was to pay a small fee.


So, all in all, that's 420€ spent on this rather unfortunate passport saga. Ouch.

Went back to Evry to buy a few things after, but didn't actually get them. Just hung around slagging the world off some more. Went home, chilled a bit, went to bed.

I couldn't sleep.

Thursday morning, I got something of a lie-in, before going to work in the afternoon. Took a pretty successful lesson on how to write a biography, then went shopping, then came home and chilled. The weeks stress caught up with me and I found myself crying quite a bit, but I'm alright now. I think. I took myself to bed.

I couldn't sleep.

This morning I took half of the 4ème euro class for a "chat", which developed into a conversation on peoples favourite singers. There's a 12 year old in this class who is really good, who told me that Lady Gaga has the head of an elephant. Haha. My new favourite student.

After breaktime, I was lucky enough to be given the school's most insolent child to help with her English homework. I was essentially giving her the answers for a while, and still - "je sais pas" "j'ai pas compris" fuuuuuuuuuuck? We did about three exercises over the course of an hour and it was like I'd asked her to climb mount everest with her feet tied together.

English Club went relatively well, they did their work at least. Have set them another task of designing a new Union Flag that incorporates Wales, I wonder how many of them will actually do this. I've accepted two more into the club too, so hopefully they'll get some conversation out of each other (although the likelihood of this conversation actually being in English is pretty low).

Now, I am going to have a nap, as all this not sleeping has just about done me in for this week, and when I wake up I am going to clean my flat.Tomorrow I am going on a shopping spree in Carrefour then back out to Paris to see if I can get as drunk as last week on a lot less money. Hmmmm.

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