Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Déjà Vu (Written 25/10/10)

Before I start, I forgot to mention in any of my blogs last week the funny thing that happened in the Centre Commercial in Corbeil Essonnes. There were two men handing out flyers, political stuff, something to do with taxes. I gladly took one, planning on reading it later, and went into Auchan (that’s what the supermarket’s called now) to grab a few bits. On my way out, I witnessed a woman tearing the flyer up and throwing it at the guy who gave it to her. Hilarious stuff.

I’m pretty sure doing that in the UK would get you an assault conviction, but the man laughed.
I’ve not read the flyer yet, but I’m assuming that he’s an extremist of some variety.

Anyhow. I digress, and I haven’t even started.

Sunday, as planned, I cleaned my kitchen, and dried the clothes that I had washed the day before. Oh how I miss washing machines. However, the launderette is just too far. In between this, I played games on my bic phone, ate an obscene amount of food, and listened to the radio. It must have been my most rubbish day ever since arriving in France. By the evening I was so bored that I cut my hair.

Quite successfully, might I add. Pictures on Facebook to follow ;)

Then I spent the last of my credit on making phonecalls and sending texts. O2 says I can’t top up again, as I am at the limit after spending a very long time online Saturday night reading all the nasty things that people have been saying to my cousin.

I’ve said it before, I will say it again, you bother my family, and I will bother you.

But yeah, once I’d done my credit I went to bed to listen to music and read comics. They’re quite funny. I’m going to get right into reading comics I think.

Today (Monday), I woke up and took myself into Paris. The train service has improved somewhat, in that I didn’t have to change at Corbeil-Essonnes for a train into the city, and I actually managed to get as far as Chatelet today. There is also a train to the Gare du Nord which is nice, as it means I won’t have to bust my balls getting there on Friday to meet Dad and Amber.

I went for a walk, and found myself at the Gare du Nord anyway, where I decided that I was going to buy a carnet of Metro tickets and explore a fair bit of Paris. I also checked where Eurostar arrivals come in so that I won’t have too much trouble finding Dad and Amber when they get here.

I got on the metro, and decided to go to the Arc de Triomphe (which, you know, is a bit rubbish for something that is meant to represent triumph). On my way there, something terrible happened.

I was sat on the train, minding my own business, when to my horror, someone got on the train.

The man who had claimed to be taking me to a bus stop for about three hours the other week, when I was lost and extremely drunk after being kicked out of Folie’s Pigalle. 

The man who wanted to “go for a coffee” at 4 o clock in the morning.

The man who thought he was well in there, the man who I ran away from at 7am in the Gare de Lyon. 

 I kept my eyes glued to the floor for the remainder of my journey. Luckily, he was gone by the time I wanted to get on the train.

I went around Paris after taking pictures of the Arc de Triomphe. I’ve decided that I’m going to learn Paris the way I learned London – by getting on a train and seeing where I ended up. Doing this, I went to Chateau de Vincennes and the Eiffel Tower. I must say, the Eiffel Tower is a bit more impressive from close up, but I still think Big Ben wins.

On my way, a man stopped me, and complimented my hair. I was like “cor, cheers mate” then he decided to try and stop me for a conversation. I told him I was busy (as I knew he wanted to sell me something) which was when he told me he was an artist but he was a model scout as well. Yeah, likely story mate. Move on.

I was wandering around the park by the Tower when I was approached by a mute woman who was collecting for a deaf, blind and mute charity. She showed me a piece of paper that I initially thought was a petition, so I thought “yeah why not let’s get politically active” and began signing it, when she suddenly became very excited and thankful. This was when I realised that I was writing myself down for a donation to her “charity”. Already half way through, I decided that I couldn’t be so much of a bastard to change my mind, and wrote myself down for €5, then pulled what I thought was a €5 note out of my pocket and gave it to her.
She blew me a kiss and opened up her wallet thing to put the note in when I realised that it wasn’t a 5. 

It was a 20.


Oh well, lesson learned.

The highlight of my day was seeing the different facial expressions tourists were pulling for their photos next to the Eiffel Tower. I stood there for quite a while giggling at these.

I picked up some wine before coming home via the shop where I buy my credit to do my dinner and get drunk and write my blog. I’m not drunk yet, but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

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