Monday, 10 January 2011

Blog Neglect, ever so sorry.

Hello everyone.

So I left you a few days before breaking up for the Christmas Holidays, which were really great but I won't discuss them here seeing as this is a blog about my French life, and not every damn thing I get up to. Although I did meet the girl of my dreams whilst I was home, :D

I got back last Sunday and I've literally only just got the chance to start blogging again now, at 9am after being up all night writing an essay.

Here's why.

Got back last Sunday at around 7, went and got myself dinner, came home, chilled a bit, tidied up a bit cos I'd left it in a bit of a mess before going home. Took myself to bed because I felt a bit ill.

Monday morning I woke up late. And by late, I man halfway through a lesson I was supposed to be teaching. Whoops, best go see the headteacher, explain my predicament and ask to reschedule my lessons.


I get there, she makes me wait outside her office for half an hour then sits me down in it whilst she wanders about for ten more minutes doing I'm not sure what, before finally telling me that she's seen my flat and she's shocked at the state of it. It's not even that bad, but I had until Friday to get it clean, and I heard mention of me having to move out so naturally I shat a brick and got to work cleaning everything I could see as well as everything I couldnt. Work was fairly dull this week.

Wednesday I went into Paris to help Lauryn commute a little bit to catch her connection, but also for a catch up with a familiar face what I haven't seen in months. Was nice :D and I'm definitely going to Clermont in a couple of weeks. Like it or not!!!!!

It got to Friday, I went and did my work and such like then came back, finishing the last few cleany bits before they came to look at the place. It was amazing, but they've still kicked me out so I've gotta go live in town with the Portuguese assistant. Cheeky sods want someone else in my flat.

Saturday I went to Dunkerque. It was nice, car j'en ai marre de Paris. So I'm voyaging un peu. Sunday I wrote an essay.

Once things are less busy you'll get a proper blog. God I'm so tired.

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  1. You got kicked out?!!!!! Cheeky frikkin minxes!!! Aaaahh those French...