Sunday, 23 January 2011

Insolence and Scary Ducks (written 21/01/2011)


Well, Carrefour has what I’m looking for with regards to making sleep a less dreadful concept, but I have had the CBA’s since Tuesday night and so haven’t been to get anything. As such, I keep putting off going to bed as it is so uncomfortable to do so, then I end up even more tired and CBA-ridden . Vicious, vicious circle.
Tuesday afternoon at work was fairly simple, I was helping Year Seven to tell the time. I got MS Paint out, loaded up a picture of a clock face and told them to draw times on it. Major success. They’re still rubbish at telling the time, but their interest was maintained, plus my idea got called “genius”. Get in.

In the evening I fed myself Pizza again, and drank raspberry syrup until I could barely move. It was glorious.
Wednesday morning, I had my lovely half hour trek into work in order to do a single 55 minute lesson. And it was the kids that I don’t even like. However, after last week’s class went relatively well, I had high hopes, plus we were just going to revise telling the time again before making them compete again.


They wouldn’t stay in their seats.

They wouldn’t copy what I told them to copy.

They wouldn’t shut up when I told them to.

I eventually got them calm, and working, and generally being quite nice.

And as per usual, about twenty minutes into the lesson, another group of kids were brought to the classroom. 

But seeing as they’ve been brought up by a member of staff, there’s not much I can say to any of them.

So twenty minutes into my lesson, the kids stroll in, wander up to their mates, start chatting, running around, playfighting…

…and trying to throw someone out of the window.

We were on the second floor. If anyone did go out, they’d certainly have died. Imagine if I’d had to explain that? I stormed over to the window, slammed it shut, and turned round to roar at these little arseholes to sit down and shut up. Eventually thay did, except for one girl, who carried on chatting away.

When she did sit down, I stood at the front of the classroom, identified the kids who were prepared to work and managed to get a pretty sweet diagram of a clock. Next it was time to make them copy it.
No such luck.

One girl actually had the audacity to say to me “No, I’m not doing it. I’m not doing anything” then act offended when I said “well, fair enough, but you won’t be playing with your phone either so put that away now.”

She stormed out of the class. Lol.

One kid was trying to be a bit of a lad when the boys decided to do their playfighting thing and pushed his mates head down to make it look like he was getting some sort of sexual gratification. Yes, yes I did call him gay. 

As the “banter” continued, they were trying to tell me in English why each of them was such a loser. Their literal translations brought many a giggle as they explained to me that their Maghreb friend is a “butter”. Hahaha.

Needless to say, I was happy to get out of that particular disaster of a class. I went home, had a nap, then sorted out a few things for my upcoming weekend with my favourite girl.

Thursday was a much calmer day for me, although I did have one incident in a class of 6ème where some boys were trying to make me speak Japanese, telling me to have a conversation with the Japanese kid in my class. I don't know if he actually is Japanese but I will refer to him as such for the sake of simplicity. Then they started making those ridiculous stereotypical noises and waving their arms around as if to imitate Kung Fu or something, before debating as to whether he was actually Japanese and not Chinese. This upset the Japanese kid who responded by trying to stab the boy next to him with a pen. The boys reaction?
“Did you learn that in China?”

I had to stop myself from laughing, the kid deserved it, he was being a little shitbag and the Japanese kid was rightfully annoyed…but the timing of the comeback was just…perfect. I calmed the situation down before going on to have a pretty successful lesson with them, and then going home to pack for the weekend and get a vaguely early night (midnight…haha) 

Today, on my way to work, the ducks had all vacated the river again and were looking at me. It scares me when they all get out of the water. I mean every single one of them. It’s like they know something I don’t. 

I’m just chilling in the staff room now, after having two lessons where I did next to nothing, I’m probably gonna head out in a while to go find me some Lunch and travel snacks, before heading into Paris to get my train. That’s right, I’m going to England. I’m taking my lady away and it’s going to be awesome.

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