Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Miseryguts. Quoi?

I cant be arsed to finish that blog below. So I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to start from today.

Today is Tuesday.

Work involved Year Ten getting told off for talking about if I am a lesbian or not. I didn’t even hear them. Their teacher went mad though. I swear everyone else cares more than I do. However, the comebacks were good.

A Year Nine kid told me his favourite part of The Grinch was when the kids started crying because there were no presents. Why? Because he likes it when kids are sad. Legend.

Year Seven gave me a shopping list of things to bring back for them next time I go to England. No.

On my way home I was approached by a child who recognised me from school, and asked me what year I was in. FML much? I’ve worked there three months and they still think I’m a student. Lol. 

Today I am sad because it is Grandad’s anniversary and tomorrow it is Nan’s anniversary. I think this is the loneliest I’ve felt so far in the whole time I’ve been here. There’s nothing I’d like more than to be around my family so we can look after each other but I’m stuck out here on my own. It’s the first one for Nan as well so things still feel pretty horrible. I’ll just have to settle for leaving her a message on Facebook (my Nan was a G) and being miserable to anyone who’s prepared to put up with me.

I promise to cheer up after this week. On the plus side, one month until I’m home and get to see the above-mentioned family and my friends and the girl of my dreams J x

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