Tuesday, 18 January 2011

With my public speaking skills I will one day rule the world

Two blogs in two days!
Aren’t you lucky?
I guess we can safely assume that I’m back on the regular blogging ting. The first two weeks back were quite shit, and I guess that’s all you really need to know. Life is good now. Funny how swiftly things can turn around isn’t it?
Anyway. By the time I got my post onto Blogspot last night I’d already done my soiree business, but couldn’t be asked to add it onto the post, so I’m gonna talk about it now.
I finished writing, then went to wander about the officey area like a little lost lamb as I actually had no idea where this damn thing was supposed to be. Eventually a teacher found me and herded me into this large room where I was made to sit at the front, looking at all of the people I was going to be speaking in front of. There were well over a hundred people in the room. I was trying to remember everything I’d said to my Euro classes on Friday about how to speak well in front of an audience, but I couldn’t. I had nothing prepared, I had no idea what to say, and I sat there wanting to cry like a twelve year old who’d just been sentenced to death for stealing sweets.
The kids got up one at a time, and said their piece that they’d learned by heart, and I was really pleased to see that they’d taken into account everything I’d told them on Friday about standing up straight, looking at your audience, speaking clearly and with confidence, it actually made me quite proud that they’d gone from nervous little wrecks in front of me to speaking really well (and in a foreign language too) in front of a large group of people, within a couple of days :’)
Then it was my turn.
The teacher introduced me as the assistant, told them a bit about the work I do, then said “oh she’s going to talk in English now”. So I stood up. I opened my mouth, and hoped that whatever came out didn’t sound too stupid.
After all, why would it matter if they’re all French?
It turns out, a lot of them understood me pretty well. It’s a good job I pulled it off. They laughed at the things I said that were funny (“as part of my degree I have to spend seven months in a French-speaking country so I thought – why not France?” “OUAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” – OK maybe an exaggeration but the laughing was definitely there) and the English-speaking sister of one of my students told me at the end that I did really well.
Once all the speaky stuff was over it was time to go and chat to people, which was when one of my students approached me with her older sister who wanted to have a bit of a conversation in English with me, as she’s an English student studying in Paris. I bigged up the concept of doing a year abroad and told her that as long as she was near London or an airport the issue of missing her family wouldn’t be so bad, as she could always get back pretty easily. I gave advice on becoming a language assistant to someone’s Mum, oh and I drank champagne. And met one of my flatmates, interestingly – I hadn’t seen him in the flat before and actually he doesn’t even work at the school.
All in all, a pretty good day.
Today, being Tuesday, I had work this morning at half ten, and once again set my alarm for nine. Once again, I was up at 8.25 because of the FUCKING BELLS at the lycee.
Anyway.  I went into work where I had my horrible Year Ten class, the ones who never do a scrap of work, the ones who talk about the size of my chest and indirectly call me gay. They actually did their work! I was amazed.
Now I’m going to go on the school internet, see if Carrefour can help me out with regards to getting something that is going to make sleeping a less painful process (this mattress is making me want to die) then I’m going to finish work at around 4 and go and actually buy some food, before going home to do some washing. I did not know it could be so fun to do washing.

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