Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Beginning of the End (Written 4/3/11)


Sorry for leaving it so long to get back on dis writing ting. I got back to France on Sunday after a holiday in London that I can only describe as eventful. I had no food in the fridge and by the time I arrived in Paris all the shops were shut, so I ended up buying both my lunch and by dinner from a shitty baguette stand in the Gare du Nord. That was my entire Sunday, in French terms. I missed my girlfriend from the second we parted at St Pancras too, so I felt a bit miserable to be honest.

However, the first advert I did see upon arriving in Paris was one for Paul. This made me incredibly happy as it now means that I can go and watch it again. And I’ve told all my students that they have to go see it too.

Monday was another class with the new year 8’s that I’ve taken on, who seemed happy to talk about their holidays practising the past tense that they’ve so conveniently learned recently. Year Seven, however, decided to play hangman. Their teacher has stopped giving me subjects to work on with them, and the kids have stopped listening to the subjects I give them. So now it looks like the kids are inventing their own lessons until the end of term, right?

English club was fun. I only remembered on Sunday night that the lesson was already planned for them as I had set them presentations to do. However, I’d make them talk about Valentine’s Day (mine was amazing btw) if they hadn’t done their presentations, then swiftly kick them out of English Club. Amazingly, they’d all done it!

One of the new girls had prepared a presentation on her holiday in the Dominican Republic, and presented me with a gift. She did her presentation, she had some white sand in a bottle (that I VERY inappropriately told the kids was cocaine – it raised a laugh anyway so I don’t care, quoi) and showed everyone a fruit of some variety that apparently has cocoa beans in it. I asked what this thing was that she’d given me, and she responded with; “it is errrr haricot…… is……… bah c’est une decoration madame!” 

It is a decorative bean.

Cheers kid.

I later found out that it is a dried out seed pod, but I’m still going to decorate it and put it on the mantelpiece when I move into my own little place. Maybe with glitter. 

Tuesday I had my 3A, who were little pricks, all lesson. There’s not much else to say about them.

Or the 6eme I had in the afternoon, who completely failed at describing their houses to me. One kid told me in his house there is kitchen and stair. Wow, boy, you live in poverty! Mind you, this is Corbeil. And they all seem to have a meekroewavv in their kitchen too. If I hear that word one more time…

Wednesday = no work = nothing.

Thursday, I got into work at half past 9 for another lesson with 6eme, who were slightly better. They didn’t talk about meekroewavvs, anyway.

I went to another class with a group that I don’t usually work with as I had been speaking to their teacher in the staff room (maybe it would be more accurate if I said I was being peer-pressured into getting a job as a teacher). These kids were bastards. They didn’t even ask me questions in English in the end, which kind of defeated the object.

Then I had my 6eme class in the afternoon who are a little bit MECHANT. Well, a few of them. Some of them are actually quite nice, and clever. One kid, though, is an absolute BASTARD. Too rude for his own good. Definitely needs a slap. Or drowning. Or a slap then drowning. On top of the usual year 7 “look at me I’m funny asking where my condom is rather than where my schoolbag is LOL” behaviour, he also swore at me, slapped his classmates, and generally made everyone’s lives Hell. Die, child, die.

Thursday evening I ate a massive pizza and I chatted on a very temperamental Skype connection to my lady. 

Friday I’m at work, I’ve written a letter that I intend to send to some politicsey people to help with my cultural report (due next Friday) and I’m planning a trip to Lille tomorrow.

Sorry this post’s been a bit boring.

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